Just watched the 'Touch down Aurora...' piece via fellow SS author Mark Crispin Miller - https://markcrispinmiller.substack.com/p/these-canadians-will-not-let-their

Please consider posting your videos via other channels such as Rumble and Odysee. Not only does YT have a habit these days of erasing history and content, a lot of folks just don't want to go there.

I'm not Canadian (US) but For Rumble, if you prefer or it's easier, I would be happy to post, under/for the 2030 Blueprint brand. What is happening in Canada is surely headed our way.

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If you could help with posting the content to Rumble that would be great. Can you send me an email? gather2030@protonmail.com Thank You

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I don't use YT or FACISTbook or Twits for years.

I share on social sites like Librti.com (Canadian,), Gab.com, Brighteon.social.(Mike Adams platform).

I was taught interlinking by my young web guy years ago as a blogger.

It's only meaningful when 1000s do it to beat the algorithms and now AI bots.

We can't win using their EVIL BOUGHT OFF CONTROLLED GLOBALIST platforms.

This I consider part of the PARALLEL economy.

Just as I consider Gather 2030 as a BRILLIANT PARALLEL strategy which meaning myself at 68 years young did not engage in nearly enough along with most folks I know in the past decades with local gub'ments.

I'm guilty of getting too comfortable as are millions of Canadians.

Our family worked very hard building lives as Dutchman in Bowmanville and area.

We got comfortable and stayed there.

I've always fought and been anti gub'ment which came from my Gramps on Mom's side.

He fought the local gub'ment in the 60s and 70s as a home builder and the bureaucrats where always in his business.

He taught us as young guys in our teens the Dutch work ethic as we built homes with him.

We thought he was crazy until I saw what he was reading and trying to explain to us as young folks that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

My Grandparents on both sides went through 2 WWs and my parents were prisoners in Holland when the Germans came in 1939 and an uncle did starve to death which was he goal of the Germans, but the rest on both sides made it out and moved to Bowmanville Ontario which was a great town to grow up in in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Great Gramps was Dutch resistance and I and some brothers (we come from 7 boys) have the attitude of what the Romanians did in 1989 if you know what I mean.

I engage under the radar with hundreds Druthers distribution monthly.

I've never put a face diaper on even standing in between hundreds of people in stores.

Nobody really said anything because I'm 6ft 6 inches 250lbs and muscular.

With an attitude.

I did get escorted out by security though a few times.

Mostly though we just stopped giving those stores our money as we have a great local farms store here in Scarborough.

I say all that to say that how you at Gather 2030 are doing this is THE WAY FORWARD.

I admit aggressive is not the way forward.

I come from aggressive as my uncles and Dad were seriously tough people growing up in war.

We took care of "things " ourselves as young guys but we can't do that any more.

I was concerned to go in front of these COWARDS AND COLLABORATORS and try to speak for fear I may be too aggressive. 😅

I'm past that now after all the RAPE OF THE MIND for the last years.

We've focused on our health first because we can't fight unless we are strong physically which affects our mental state.

I hate politics but I will learn from the Maggie Brauns and Gather 2030 and engage more.

Thanks for what you all do and we will start by contributing money and now plugging in.

I'm in Scarborough.

Learning and changing never stops.

God bless you 🙏.

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I would love to get this up on the other platforms. It’s been quite a learning curve, learning streamyard, and uploading to YouTube and Twitter and substack. Super time consuming. What’s the easiest way? I’m open to help.

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I am not an expert by any means.

I get the vast majority of my information from Rumble.com.

It's only because I'm 68 and and don't trust most platforms and apps is all.

I know it's a vast amount of work.

We will though support your group financially .

Our age group is not good with this stuff.

I hope you can find young willing help.

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This most certainly is happening here in the US so many though can not see this it seems or they act like an election will change things. Reality is , no it won’t.

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Well Trump did talk about getting out of the Paris Accord and UN is no longer required, is what I have heard. That said you are right on many fronts, our Brian Mulroney signed us up for this, who is Conservative, plus they will not support this movement openly. The change I can see with a change of government, is possible funding for this movement.

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Obedience to de facto law

15 No person shall be convicted of an offence in respect of an act or omission in obedience to the laws for the time being made and enforced by persons in de facto possession of the sovereign power in and over the place where the act or omission occurs.


The problem is this ... No law enforcement except to protect perpetrators of a world coup.

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I wonder if a few towns with enough enlightened councillors could be found, and then the info and process tried out there until there is some solid success on taking back local power from the global monster? This may require some pre-meeting discussions.

How do you think city hall already runs? Through unspoken back-room deals.

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Exactly, we need to meet and get to know the counselors, and where they stand and work with those who want to work with the people. Then begin our own town halls, word of mouth, public awareness on the issues that affect the people and get our numbers up. We have strength in our numbers and every right to assemble organize, and reform/restore the system of governance that is now operating through fraud and de facto possession of sovereign powers.

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I have booked 2 consultations and nobody has shown up...any suggestions? I'm interested in getting things going for a Grey Highlands council presentation.



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Can you join the national committee under housekeeping? I’m in there every Wednesday night at 7:30 and the group is discussing and working together to get this work off the ground across the country. I’m really sorry about the confusion with scheduled calls.

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Ok I've done that now thanks. Mark from civis4reform is supposedly sending me a link for next Wednesday. Thanks!!

You must be busy thankfully, lol.

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Excellent! See you there.

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Do I need permission to use the Gather 2030 and KICLEI logos to start making some t-shirts? I would have loved to wear one to the last Titan regular season. I may go to some play off games and have a shirt on to make my community aware. Waterloo Region

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This is a most interesting initiative.

Came across it by chance while reading comments on MIRI AF and the comment my a Mrs H where she stated See also the Substack of Gather2030, Canadians kicking ICLEI (the UN) out of their councils. (A lot of UK councils are signed up to ICLEI, too.)

I have been aware of the ICLEI for a while now.

We have the same UN Agenda 2030 being pushed by local political parties in South Africa who are UN2030 addicted and have been pushing Smart Cities which is essentially ICLEI. I am going to see how I can drive a similar cause as Gather 2030 here in South Africa. Many are aware of the Agenda2030 but not so much ICLEI.

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I have a paid subscription but can't access the slideshow with side notes. It says that a request has bern sent for access, but I've not yet received access. Any help is appreciated thanks.

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How do you sign up for the zoom meeting? Someone email me the info michael@contractingsolutions.ca

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Please be careful who you let into housekeeping as I'm sure there will be snoopers or trolls looking to see what's coming down the pipe and prepare for it.

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There is a new platform coming out that according to Robert Edward Grant that is incorruptible. It is a block chain platform sounds interesting. Orion is the name. Food for thought.

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Unfortunately I missed the Wednesday 730 meeting because did not know where to get the link and it was not sent to me. I'm still building in Grey but would like to attend your next meeting please.


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Comment deleted
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I'm in the Shuswap Katrina. Looking to meet with like-minded about these issues like 15 minute cities. Not sure what role to play. What I have been looking for is a combination of thinkers with skills and interests in prevention (of Agenda 2030), community-building(as Private Memberships with training in equity and common law), and a few other areas. Get in touch?

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Deborah, I appreciate your comments and the work you’re doing in the Shuswap. I see it as a perfect example of what needs to be done across the country. Can you join the national committee in the housekeeping section of the blueprint? I’m trying to get everyone into one spot so we can strategize and organize across the country.

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If you join the national committee in the housekeeping portion of the blueprint, we meet every Wednesday at 7:30 to strategize and organize across the country. I appreciate Deborah’s comment below. They are doing great work in the Shuswap area. The exact work that needs to be done.

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I wish we had something like this in the US

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Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this. I wish people here would wake up to this. Very few get it. I have posted on social media, handed out flyers, emails to everyone I know and people show very little interest or they don’t get it. Here where I live they are building a smart city and we just received the first in the nation humanoid AI to work for the city.

I did subscribe to the American Policy website. Keep it up you’re a true Patriot Maggie.

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